Last week of January approaching

It’s Monday again, time for me to recap the week in review.  Not much out of the ordinary happened really.

I bought new snow shoes earlier this month so hubby and I got a chance to try them out on Saturday. The good news is I didn’t fall down once! Great to have the poles for balance.

The weather has been cold again this past week, below zero and snow of course.

My washing machine has been on the blink so hubby took to watching youtube for help/suggestions on how to fix it. Seems like it’s the knob timer. We went shopping for prices on a new one….around $1200 plus taxes for a front loading model, think we will try to fix our old one! Will let you know how that goes in next week’s post. Can’t be without a washing machine especially with our DD living home and her Nurse’s uniforms that have to be washed regularly.

Yesterday was Sunday, so I went to church twice. My friends gave me a ride there for evening service and had a loaf of fresh bread for me…so yummy.

Today’s theme for Macro Monday is “a-peeling to me,” challenging for sure. I didn’t want to post a picture of peeling fruit so I took one of sharpened coloring pencils. That group on Flickr is so encouraging and inspiring.


That’s it for me folks, wish us luck with the washing machine repair!

Keeping a positive attitude 

I am not a fan of Winter or the cold temperatures it brings. On cold winter days it seems there are more reasons to stay in rather than brave the cold and head outside.

I am trying to look at this dreaded season in a different light. My daughter and I just purchased snow shoes to get us “out of the house,” get fit and enjoy what Winter has to offer. Now we have to wait for a little more snow (did I just say I wish for more snow? Things are looking up indeed).

I looked out my kitchen window today and saw the beautiful sun shining.  A glance at the thermometer outside confirmed it was -6 degrees Celsius…brrr. Instead of curling up on the sofa with a book, I decided to make a hot mug of tea ☕️, grab a couple of mini chocolate chip cookies, put on my snow suit, cap, boots and mittens and head outside for a Winter ❄️ picnic.  I have to say it was probably one of the best outdoor mugs of tea I have ever had just sitting there in the crisp, cold air with the sun baking down on my face. I wasn’t bothered by those pesky mosquitoes like in the Summertime. 😜

All in all, I think I could be accustomed to Winter. Have a great day and week friends!

Small Goals and Steps

So I have decided not to overwhelm myself with lists of things I need to accomplish for 2017. 

2017 will be the year I (hopefully) take control of my life and the things that bother me. I tend to be a push over and tend to get taken advantage of easily. Blogging will be a weekly recap instead of daily (which tends to overwhelm me as I have the mindset that it has to be done everyday). 😳

I plan on taking more ME time to focus on just exactly what I want out of life….wish me luck! Hang on for the ride 2017!

Old Christmas Day

So today marks Old Christmas Day, the last day of Christmas. I have fond memories as a child celebrating Old Christmas Day at my Grandparents house. My Great Grandfather came from England and he brought a lot of the English traditions with him. On Old Christmas Day we would gather in “the sitting room” aka living room nowadays. The whole room would be lit by candles ( there was electricity but candles were the light of choice). My cousin would play the piano and the room would be filled with caroling. Of course there was always glasses of “Christmas cheer” for the older folks while us younger folk would enjoy colorful glasses of Purity Syrup and some cake and cookies. Purity syrup is a sweet syrup that you dilute with water. Wouldn’t be Christmas if us youngsters didn’t have a glass of syrup. My favorite flavor was Strawberry.
Sometime during the evening my Dad and Gappie (Grandfather) would sing their version of I’m Going Back to Where I Come From. They always sang this song together with right hands clasped in a handshake and without musical accompaniment. 

Such warm memories of Christmas past…both my Dad and Grandparents are no longer with us but in my heart ❤️ these memories live on.

Tonight, I will light a candle for them.

Happy Old Christmas Day. 

So what will I write today?

First off, thank you to fellow blogger Avian101 for the kind welcome back and words of encouragement. When you think to yourself, “no one reads my blog” or ” what I have to say won’t have any impact” along comes Avian101 and proves the point that I am missed and what I have to say does matter.

Yesterday Derek and I visited some of our elderly friends for a cup of tea and a chat. We left both places with joy filled hearts knowing we had made someone’s day just by giving them the gift of friendship and time. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

Wishing you a joy filled day! ❤️️

Whoa, where did 2016 go????

Good intentions and life in general got in the way.  What can I say…I goofed up. There you go, it’s officially out in the open on the internet.  I didn’t blog at all last year.

So where and how do I sum up my year in 2016?  A lot of it I would like to forget…honestly.

The year started out ok, but by mid May things started to plummet down the tube. I had surgery in May and developed an infection and finally after several different medications, ended up on IV meds to clear things up.

In June, my hubby and I went to Edmonton, AB to visit my Sister and her hubby. It was a long overdue visit, one which we thoroughly enjoyed. Saw the Canadian Rockies for the first time. I have to say the scenery just blew my mind.

August, we made a quick trip to Naples, FL. That trip was spur of the moment and it was hot but lovely. Hubby, my daughter and her boyfriend went along on the trip. We came back from there early Sept and it was then I became very ill. I thought I had picked up a virus of some type.

Enter surgery number two, which went well but I was still suffering from tummy issues and now with the extended amount of time, my Dr suspected my Colitis was acting up. Meds, meds and more meds and finally ugh..steroids which quickly added weight to me but did give me some relief.

Finally in December, a few days before Christmas, I had some exploratory surgery. The surgeon could not see any signs of cancer thankfully however some biopsies were done…waiting on the results.

Today, I am feeling a little better and am thinking optimistically . Worrying will not get me anywhere I know. I finally decided earlier in the Summer to let my hair go gray. It was a decision I am glad I made and certainly have no regrets. Hubby loves it and I am getting a lot of compliments on it! 🙂

Looking back over this blog today, I realize all wasn’t bad in 2016, there were actually some good moments. We tend to look at the negative more in life instead of focusing on the positives. This year in 2017, I have adopted the word “organize” as my mantra. I am hoping this upcoming year will be organized with less clutter, both material things and an uncluttered mind.

My wish for 2017 is for much health and happiness for all my loved ones. Each day is a gift, may we use it wisely.







Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Another year come and gone…life has gotten into the way of my daily blogs. My daughter moved home and is Nursing full time along with part time studies. Hubby is working and volunteering full time and I continue to keep things afloat on the home front.

I am hoping to be a better blogger in 2016! I refuse to make any resolutions but rather focus on “one word” for 2016. The word I have chosen is Peace. I figure if I keep peace in my heart and around me, happiness, fulfillment and contentment will follow suit!

Have a marvelous day and New Years! CHEERS!IMG_6215-001